We have compiled a new range of New Forest Riding Club clothing.

You can choose from

  • Waterproof Jackets – £45.00
  • XC Top – £25.00
  • T shirts
  • Polo shirts – £22.20
  • Rugby shirts
  • Hoodies – £24.00
  • Gilets
  • Hat Silks – £16.00
  • Numnah embroidery – £12.00
  • 10cm Badges – £10.00
  • Horse Ear Fly Veil – £13.00

They are available in various colours so you can choose.

Our logo can also be colour co-ordinated if you wish.  If you have any other suggestions/requirements please let us know.

Click on the link below to place your order:

New Forest Riding Club Clothing

**NEW NFRC Badges for 2016**
We’ve had some embroidered badges made up of our fabby new logo (see pic below) which measure 10cm diameter and can be used for attaching to numnahs/clothing…they’ll be great for representing our club when you’re out and about competing/riding .
The idea is that you can choose whether to temporarily attach them or have them sewn on permanently rather than having a whole numnah embroidered…PLUS they only cost £10 each!
As mentioned before though, we can also organise numnah embroidery if preferred…you provide the numnah, and the club will pay for the embroidery of our logo at the same 10cm diameter size.
Please note though; our embroidery company can’t do the thicker numnahs e.g Le Mieux ones, as they don’t fit in their machine.
Please get in touch with Faine regarding badges/embroidery…


GP Saddlecloth


Hat Silk