NFRC Endurance Team Update

The New Forest Riding Club Endurance team has ridden in two more EGB rides since our last update in April.  The team achieved its highest score to date at Hardy’s Ride in Winterbourne Steepleton with a high speed of 12.8km over a very hilly 34km route and two of the riders gained Grade 1 results (Rebecca Tooley and Helen Bowyer), a 2 Grade 2s for Amanda Barton and Barbara Moorhouse.  The team did extremely well overall on this ride with Rebecca Tooley coming first, Helen 3rd, Amanda 25 riders.  Read Rebecca’s write up below to find out more.

At the start of May, we went to the Cerne Giant ride with a starting point right under the famous Cerne Abbas Giant.  It was another hilly course, this time over 41km with a team of three riders; Amanda Barton, Helen Bowyer and Barbara Moorhouse.  The horses did a fantastic job over the longer course and we had another fun day out.

Endurance Team


Stoneleigh 2DE 2016 – Princethorpe College, Warwick – 28/29th May

Well what a fabulous weekend once again…I think it’s safe to say that all horses and riders enjoyed themselves…I certainly did!!

It was a fairly long winded journey up there for the majority of us on Friday, but unfortunately Bank Holiday weekend never helps! However once we had all arrived at the various stabling/accommodation locations, everyone seemed to settle in well J

Saturday began with our 80cm Team strutting their stuff in their dressage tests, followed by their lovely SJ rounds, then our 90cm and 100cm Teams followed on…great efforts by all!

Once all our ponies were tucked up for the evening, most of us met up at a local pub for some well-earned grub, a couple of drinkies and good old chat about the day J

Then Sunday was for the fun stuff…Roads & Tracks, Steeplechase and Cross Country! …Again our 80cm Team led the day, followed by our 90cm and 100cm Team.

It was the first time a lot of our riders had ever done a long format 2DE, but I have to say, everyone made easy work of the Roads & Tracks and Steeplechase!

Everyone looked absolutely ACE on Cross Country and by the looks of all the ponies’ faces, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves too!!

Results ended up as the following;


80cm Team – 2nd

90cm Team – 4th

100cm Team – 4th



Kate Brown – 4th

Louise Proctor – 5th

Beth Richmond – 6th

Marty Meaker – 8th and ‘Best Boy’


Leanne George – 7th


Vics Wentworth – 6th

What AMAZING results again this year…great work everyone!!!

Stoneleigh Riding Club run this event very well and are super friendly…big thanks to them! 🙂

It’s fab to be able to compete in an un-affiliated 2 Day Event as there aren’t many around at all, and it’s great experience for both horses and riders…anyone is welcome to join us again next year! 😉

Thank you to everyone for coming this year and for being such wonderful company for the weekend…it was a pleasure to be there 🙂

Written by Faine Jordan