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Retraining of Racehorses Riding Club Challenge

The Riding Club Challenge is an RoR initiative to attract and promote ex racehorses competing at Riding Club level. Previously the RoR has offered very little in the way of unaffiliated competitions for ex racehorse owners and by working with Riding Clubs we can reach many more ex racehorse owners over a range of disciplines.

The main aims of this initiative are to encourage ex racehorse owners to register with the RoR, get their horse out competing at riding club competitions and to encourage ex racehorse owners to join their local riding club.

The Riding Club Challenge is a points based system that runs within a riding clubs current schedule and points system (presuming the club already has a points system in place) – so there aren’t extra classes that have to be added specifically for ex racehorses. The Challenge is altered to specifically suit the individual riding clubs schedule, whilst still adhering to the basic challenge framework. We want to make it as simple as possible for the riding clubs who sign up. The challenge can be applied to all events you hold – across all disciplines, and will be open to non members as well as members of the riding club.

We want to reward participation and performance – so the points system awards 1 point for every class entered and then uses a riding clubs current point system to award the points for being placed.

For example at a Dressage Competition, using a points system of 7 points for 1st place scaling down to 1 point for 7th place, an RoR competitor who enters 2 classes and finishes 2nd in one class will end the day on a score of 8 points. If no other RoR competitor scores above 8 then that horse and rider combination will win the Riding Club Challenge Rosette for that day’s competition. The RoR will issue a basic rule sheet that the riding clubs alters to suit the way the club runs.

Eligibility for the Challenge – Horse with an RoR number. The Challenge is open to all ex racehorses regardless of where in the world they have raced or if they are unraced. They simply need to be registered with RoR and provide their number to the Riding Club.